Enterprise Architecture Development Association (EADA) announces the beginning of its operations in the Russian market


Leading experts in the field of Enterprise architecture united in a professional community for the development of the industry and sharing best practices.


In the Russian market there was an independent professional association of enterprise architecture - EADA, uniting in its ranks the best experts in the field of enterprise architecture major Russian corporations and financial institutions. The main mission of the Association - is to promote the benefits of Enterprise architecture as a discipline of enterprise management, the formation of the correct perception of the functions and tasks that solve enterprise architecture and help in its development organizations of various branches of the market for better and faster to achieve its strategic goals.

To date, the composition of the EADA includes leading experts in enterprise architecture Central Bank of Russian Federation, Gazprombank, VTB Group, MTS, X5 Retail Group, Alfa Bank, Sberbank of Russia, VimpelCom, Otkrytie, Rosbank, Promsvyazbank, Raiffeisenbank and others. The head of the Association Alexey Lebedev, enterprise architect Bank Otkrytie, backed by experience in the field of enterprise architecture in the Sberbank and Bank "Renaissance Credit"

EADA's strategy is aimed at establishing a permanent communication between the professionals of the Enterprise architecture and organizations focused on strategic development, educational institutions and service companies providing services for the development of the corporate architecture, with the goal of forming a single community for solving market-related problems and tasks and subsequent standardization of approaches .

"A union of key market participants will raise the prestige of corporate architecture to a new level," says Alexei Lebedev, EADA President. "Together we will be able to develop approaches that best meet market expectations, while simultaneously informing the market that corporate architecture as a discipline can solve much more complex tasks than it is used to."

"Participation in the work of the Association, uniting the leading professionals of the industry, will allow us to exchange experience and, ultimately, to form an effective and practical approach to managing the development of the architecture of companies," says Sergey Stepanov, Head of Corporate IT Architecture at PJSC ROSBANK. - This is a good help for all market participants who will be able to further develop their services and competencies in the field of corporate architecture, based on the standards and experience of EADA. In addition, direct interaction of experts and companies-participants of the Association and with educational institutions will promote a synergetic effect in the training of future personnel - beginners in the field of corporate architecture."

In the immediate plans of the Association, regular monthly meetings and meetings on the most relevant topics and tasks on the agenda, as well as the formation of working groups for the development of standards and decisions of the EADA. At the moment, the first group has been formed to develop practical recommendations for the application of Enterprise architecture in the transition of organizations to flexible methodologies for developing IT solutions, which was headed by Alexey Poluektov, the chief system architect of MTS.

"The joint expert work of the Association's members," says Alexey Poluektov, "will help effectively perform the practical tasks that corporate architects face on a daily basis, and also develop better ways of efficiently designing IT solutions for existing and new directions of the market."