EADA's mission is to create the right perception of the functions and tasks that the corporate architecture solves, demonstrate the best aspects of the corporate architecture as a discipline for managing the organization, assisting the development of corporate architecture to organizations regardless of industry. We believe that corporate architecture, as a discipline, will help the organization to achieve its strategic goals faster and better

EADA's strategy is to bring together professionals who have dedicated themselves to corporate architecture, organizations focused on strategic development, service organizations providing services for the development of corporate architecture and educational institutions, to the community to achieve synergies based on the solution of important problems and problems for the market and the subsequent standardization approaches.

EADA today

EADA assembled the best specialists in corporate architecture and best practices, forming standard solutions for complex management tasks, demonstrating the flexibility and timeliness of solutions and approaches.

EADA tomorrow

Market players (organizations) can develop their services and competences of corporate architecture, based on the standards and experience of the EADA.