Giljov Vladimir, corporate architector of Gazprombank.

Grigorev Maksim, curator of the direction of corporate architecture in the Central Bank of Russia

Dzhanbaev Andrej, Director of the Department of Architecture IT X5 Retail Group

Dolgov Evgenij, corporate architector Pochta of Russia, head of the department of corporate architecture and integration.

In the Pochta of Russia is engaged in the implementation of corporate architecture management practices, and is also responsible for the implementation of tools and processes for the integration of information systems.

Ivlev Oleg, chief architector of the company "Megafon"

Lebedev Aleksej, corporate architector of the Bank Opening. Before that, Alexey worked in the field of corporate architecture in the banks of Sberbank, a Renaissance Credit.

Pestun Vadim, Director of information technologies of SUEK

Poluektov Aleksej, Corporate architector of MTC Group

Radul Sergej, chief architector of Alfabank

Severov Aleksej, Executive director, chief architector of Renaissance Credit.