Why should the Accounting Engine banks?


The first public event of EADA. We invite you to visit it.

At this event you will be able to:

·     To hear the benefits of each solution;

·     Learn about the experience of introducing products;

·     Understand, and whether there is a future for the class of Accounting Engine systems;

·     Find out what to expect in connection with the XBLR initiative.

Enterprise Architecture Development Association (EADA) announces the beginning of its operations in the Russian market


Leading experts in the field of Enterprise architecture united in a professional community for the development of the industry and sharing best practices.


In the Russian market there was an independent professional association of enterprise architecture - EADA, uniting in its ranks the best experts in the field of enterprise architecture major Russian corporations and financial institutions. The main mission of the Association - is to promote the benefits of Enterprise architecture as a discipline of enterprise management, the formation of the correct perception of the functions and tasks that solve enterprise architecture and help in its development organizations of various branches of the market for better and faster to achieve its strategic goals.

To date, the composition of the EADA includes leading experts in enterprise architecture Central Bank of Russian Federation, Gazprombank, VTB Group, MTS, X5 Retail Group, Alfa Bank, Sberbank of Russia, VimpelCom, Otkrytie, Rosbank, Promsvyazbank, Raiffeisenbank and others. The head of the Association Alexey Lebedev, enterprise architect Bank Otkrytie, backed by experience in the field of enterprise architecture in the Sberbank and Bank "Renaissance Credit"

We are glad to announce new members of our association. In August and September have joined association Stepanov Sergej is the head of department of architecture of Rosbank, Khokhlov German is the chief architect of VTB and Dzhanbaev Andrej is the chief architect of X5 of Retail group.  

In June 2016, the Association for the Development of Corporate Architecture was established. The Association is designed to improve the perception of the enterprise architecture market as an enterprise management discipline. To solve this problem, the association will unite the best experts in the field of Enterprise architecture.

Mission EADA and List of members EADA